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History of the Britons, Nenius

History of the Britons

by Nennius, Traditions, legends and myths of the early Celts from the rare medieval text of Historia Brittonum written in about 796 A.D. and translated into modern English, by J. A. Giles.
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“I, Nennius, disciple of St. Elbotus, have endeavoured to write some extracts which the dulness of the British nation had cast away, because teachers had no knowledge, nor gave any information in their books about this island of Britain. But I have got together all that I could find as well from the annals of the Romans as from the chronicles of the sacred fathers, Hieronymus, Eusebius, Isidorus, Prosper, and from the annals of the Scots and Saxons, and from our ancient traditions.”
15x21 cm, 60 pgs

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