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History of Phoenicia

History of Phoenicia

by George Rawlinson
A comprehensive history of the Phoenicians, and their relations to the other nations and peoples of the Eastern Mediterranean area. A classic, first-rate work by a well-known authority on the subject.

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Audacity in enterprise can certainly not be denied to the adventurous race which, from the islands and coasts of the Eastern Mediterranean, launched forth upon the unknown sea in fragile ships, affronted the perils of waves and storms, and still more dreaded "monsters of the deep," explored the recesses of the stormy Adriatic and inhospitable Pontus, steered their perilous course amid all the islets and rocks of the Ζgean, along the iron-bound shores of Thrace, Eub'a, and Laconia, first into the Western Mediterranean basin, and then through the Straits of Gibraltar into the wild and boundless Atlantic, with its mighty tides, its huge rollers, its blinding rains, and its frequent fogs.
14,5 x21 cm, 490 pgs

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