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The Description of Wales

The Description of Wales

by Giraldus Cambrensis
A rare medieval chronicle (Itinerarium Cambriae) about the traditions, myths and legends of the early Celts of Wales. Written in the 12the century, by one of the more famous chroniclers of the time, translated into modern English.

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"The Description of Walesis a vivid account of daily life and work in Wales at the end of the 12th century. It provides an entertaining and detailed picture of the Welsh world in the medieval period. Geraldus Cambrensis believed that the heritage of Wales illustrated the Welsh reliance on ancient customs and thinking which were unsuitable for a Christian country. Yet Gerald was also a natural storyteller, and though he had an obvious ulterior motive for telling many of the legends of his own country - to illustrate the Welsh need for salvation through the Latin Church and adherence to Canon Law - his accounts are some of our best records of Welsh history and culture."

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15 x 21 cm, 76 pgs

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History, Chronicles
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