The Black Death & The Dancing Mania

by J. F.C. Hecker
A real-life horror story. The classical and best factual book so far about the biggest and most deadly and intriguing epidemic that almost decimated the world, as well as the mysterious dancing manias and other strange incidents that followed.

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1An inquiry into the causes of the Black Death will not be without important results in the study of the plagues which have visited the world, although it cannot advance beyond generalisation without entering upon a field hitherto uncultivated, and, to this hour entirely unknown. Mighty revolutions in the organism of the earth, of which we have credible information, had preceded it. From China to the Atlantic, the foundations of the earth were shaken – throughout Asia and Europe the atmosphere was in commotion, and endangered, by its baneful influence, both vegetable and animal life.
15 x 21 cm, 166 pgs

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