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Bygone Beliefs

Bygone Beliefs

by H. Stanley Redgrove
Alchemy, Magic, Pythagoreanism, Neo-Platonism. A serious scientific study on the mystical and occult paths of the human thought.

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“It is easy for the superficial thinker to dismiss much of the thought of the past (and, indeed, of the present) as mere superstition, not worth the trouble of investigation: but it is not scientific. There is a reason for every belief, even the most fantastic, and it should be our object to discover this reason. How far, if at all, the reason in any case justifies us in holding a similar belief is, of course, another question. Some of the beliefs I have dealt with I have treated at greater length than others, because it seems to me that the truths of which they are the images – vague and distorted in many cases though they be – are truths which we have either forgotten nowadays, or are in danger of forgetting. We moderns may, indeed, learn something from the thought of the past, even in its most fantastic aspects.”

H. Stanley Redgrove

Fully Indexed.
15x21 cm, 206 pgs

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Occult, Magic
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