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by James I, King of England
A famous classic treatise on witchcraft and demonology written in the 16th cent. by King James VI of Scotland & I of England. A panorama of the witch-haunted beliefs of the times.

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“Daemonologie has the directness, the sincerity, the colloquialism of most of King James writing.”

Charles Williams "Witchcraft"

“This work is a dialogue… in which every question dealing with demons, sorcery, and the divinatory sciences is examined in the minutest detail and with the coldest bigotry… the King shows himself pitiless to the sorcerers”.

Grillot de Givry, "Witchcraft, Magic & Alchemy"

“King James believed that the formidable nature of the magical ritual designed to avert the danger probably frightened the less well equipped among sorcerers, and the more so because it was fraught with perils too”.

Prof. E. M. Butler: "Ritual Magic"

15x21 cm, 120 pgs

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Occult, Magic
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