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A History of Secret Societies

A History of Secret Societies

by Arkon Daraul
A History of Secret Societies, Occult Groups, Orders and Brotherhoods. Their Beliefs, Codes and Rituals. With many illustrations of codes, ciphers and symbols.

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“It is interesting to note how students of this strange branch of human activity have tended to miss the fact that the secret society is an amalgam of many elements which are found in ordinary life. There is the exclusivity of membership, the impor¬t¬ance attaching to being a member. This is found in clubs and associations which are not in any way secret: found among thousands of coteries of indi¬viduals everywhere and in all eras. Then there is the use of signs, passwords and similar materials. These, too, perform a function in human organization everywhere. Thirdly, there is the objective of the society. This may be almost anything, and is found in all manner of pressure-groups wherever humanity congregates.”…

The Secret Side of the Human Society… The Secret Bypaths of the Human Mind and Psyche…

One of the most comprehensive books of its kind ever written.
Fully Indexed.15 x21 cm, 318 pgs

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