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Crystal Vision Through Crystal Gazing

Crystal Vision Through Crystal Gazing

by Frater Achad (Charles Stansfeld-Jones)
A concise and easy to follow practical guide on crystal vision in the John Dee tradition. Good for a beginner, as well as any adept already versed in the Art. Written by “Frater Achad” (Charles Stansfeld-Jones), a well-known initiate of the Α.Α. and the O.T.O., and a personal pupil of Aleister Crowley.

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“This book… in the hands of the beginner it may lead to a wider conception of the Nature and Powers of his, or her, own being. Those who have already traveled some distance along the Occult Path may still find help through the study of the more advanced, if less understood, methods of the Ancient Seers. Those who are seeking to make their own Vision more Perfect, so that the Light of Truth may focus itself within them, will also find hints as to the means of accomplishing their True Purpose.”

Frater Achad

15x21 cm, 90 pgs

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Occult, Magic
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