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The Prophecies οf Paracelsus

The Prophecies οf Paracelsus

The 32 cryptic prophecies of Paracelsus, along with the original woodcuts that accompany each prophecy and seem to give important hints about their interpretation.

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"Like the better known Prophecies of Nostradamus, the Prophecies of Paracelsus are exceedingly cryptic, filled with allegorical symbols and capable of being reinterpreted for any purpose. It comes with 32 surreal woodcuts which seem to reveal additional details about each prophecy.
Paracelsus, a renowned scholar who is known for his chemical and alchemical writings, may have meant this not only as a set of predictions about the path of the Reformation, but as an allegory of the evolution of the soul. This would not be surprising, as other authors of the period cloaked arcane messages in almost impenetrable layers of symbolism to escape eccelsiastical scrutiny."

J.B. Hare

Spiral bounded - 22 x 30 cm, 72 pgs

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Occult, Magic
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