Forgotten Mysteries

by R. DeWitt Miller
Subject: Strange and unexplained phenomena.

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“There have been many strange occurrences in this perverse universe. You cannot pack the marvels of creation into theories with the same nicety that you pack sardines into cans Creation is greater than what has been created, as the whole is greater than the parts. This book is an attempt to strike a balance between open-mouthed, unreasoning astonishment at miracles, and dogmatic limiting of the possible within currently accepted theories…”
“R. DeWitt Miller is one of the world’s foremost authorities on psychic phenomena.”

United Press International

“Read on! And discover for yourself the extraordinary, reality-defying occurrences that sets this book ‘in a class by itself’.”

San Francisco Call Bulletin

15x21 cm, 176 pgs

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Unexplained Phenomena
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