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The Lost Continent of Mu

The Lost Continent of Mu

by James Churchward
The most famous book on Mu –the first of the series– by Colonel James Churcward. The story of of Empire of Mu (that some identify with Lemuria), the vanished continent that, according to some legends, sank under the Pacific Ocean. With all the original illustrations and figures.

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Mu – The Empire of the Sun, a lost civilization that dominated Earth 25.000 years ago before vanishing forever under the waves.
Mu – A vanished continent that sent Colonel James Churchward from the vaults of an Indian temple to Australia, and from Siberia to the South Seas, and beyond.
This is Churchward’s story of how he followed, since 1868, and while serving with the British Army in India, the trail of Mu, piecing together a picture of a civilization long lost in the mists of time.
15 x 21 cm, 338 pgs

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