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Satanism and Witchcraft

Satanism and Witchcraft

by Jules Michelet
Subject: Religion & Anthropology.
A classic well-documented study on European Satanism and Witchcraft, written by a famous French historian and translated by A. R. Allinson. “The most important work on medieval superstitions yet written”, according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

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In this classic study of medieval superstition, Michelet has brilliantly recreated the Europe of the Middle Ages, the centuries of fierce religious intolerance, the Inquisition and de Auto-da-fι… and the witches, hobgoblins and wizards of whom the masses lived in mortal fear…
Michelet draws flaming word pictures of the witch hunts, the Black Masses, the reign of Satan, and the weird rites of the damned…
This is indeed one of the great works on the Age of darkness.
15 x 21 cm, 276 pgs

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